We brought Sarah in to keep our social media platforms running smoothly. No problem was too big for her to solve, and with her solutions, she brought creativity.

— Roxann H.

She's a talented writer who loves to share her enthusiasm without losing sight of the facts. She is well-versed in journalism - both traditional and digital. She has drive to find and write blogs that have appeal which is why she someone you want to write for you. And wait until you see her pictures - she's a talented photographer with her own sense of style - most definitely someone with abilities you'll find most useful.

— Nancy Tait

Sarah served as second camera for a still shoot we did for a non-profit organization. Her work immediately stood out. She has a great eye for capturing the right moment. In fact, many of her images were among the best of the entire shoot. Her work ethic and attitude were stellar. I highly recommend her

— Les Heinz