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Interview with Genevieve Gorder

Genevieve Gorder today in Sterling

Today I interviewed one of my favorite designers, (and people in general) Genevieve Gorder (check out her instagram page.) If anyone remembers the show "Trading Spaces" on TLC you'll definitely know of her. I think I watched every episode. It really was a show that catapulted the current crop of home shows and reality shows that are so prevalent nowadays. She's also starred in HGTV Dear Genevieve and other shows and served as the designer for the White House Christmas, nothin' big. :-)

 Genevieve was in Sterling, Va. today for the grand opening of the new HGTV collection at Belfort Furniture. Did you know Genevieve is from Minnesota, traveled the world as a professional violist before the age of 14 and speaks multiple languages? Sounds like a genius to me! Genevieve also has family members that live in the Falls Church and Adams Morgan area. She said she enjoys D.C. tremendously, especially the Ethiopian restaurants.  I think she needs her own talk show, though. Look at her skills in this pic above, c'mon.  In all seriousness, she has more personality than most people on-air today. Someone should look into that. 

Another interesting tidbit--Belfort Furniture founder Mike Huber and his wife just opened a winery in Loudoun County. Looks like I'll have another winery to travel too for NBC's Worth the Trip  blog!

My video of Genevieve is (click here) or below. Oh and forgive the magnitude of Genevieve pics in the gallery, I couldn't resist. lol.


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